BlueStar offers a trusted, impartial, 45-category, 150-point-plus vehicle inspection.

Their primary goal: to reduce the risk involved in purchasing and selling a used vehicle. BlueStar gives purchasers peace of mind and confidence in their purchase, and gives sellers of reliable cars the ability to sell faster and at full value by removing uncertainty about the car’s condition.

The mission at BlueStar is to reduce the risk involved in purchasing or selling a used vehicle.

Your Report

The BlueStar Report covers the current condition of 45 key categories of the vehicle which include inspection of more than 150 mechanical and maintenance components such as brakes, exhaust, suspension, hoses, fluids and much more (click here for sample inspection report). Each category is inspected by a BlueStar Certified Inspection Station and marked as either “Acceptable” or “Needs Attention.” Categories marked as “Needs Attention” have specific and detailed comments about what needs attention. Use the results of the BlueStar Inspection Report to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a used vehicle.

Find Your Report

A BlueStar Report is found by entering the last six digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) below and clicking search. If a BlueStar Report is not available, it means either the vehicle has not had a BlueStar inspection or the BlueStar Inspection Report has expired.


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